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Custom Logo Design Company in Kenya LogoDesign.africa is logo designing company specialized in the creation of custom company logos for business of all sizes in Kenya. LogoDesign.africa is the creative division of NicheWebCreation.co.ke. It was founded in 2007 to provide the best website designs for small & medium businesses as well as large enterprises at affordable rates in Kenya. The fact of the matter is many start-ups & small businesses in Kenya don’t have logos. This is one thing we realized & it was quite evident when creating websites for many of these businesses & start-up companies at NicheWebCreation.co.ke. Most businesses in Kenya overlook the company logo without realizing that the company logo is the foundation of building a successful brand. It is with this background in mind that LogoDesign.africa was formed to create great logos for business of all sizes at affordable prices.

Company logo design by LogoDesign.africa

We produce the best value logo designs in Kenya. We are professional logo designers in Kenya & we design high quality company logos for businesses drawn from all industries. We are cognizant of the importance of a professional company logo to establishing a successful corporate identity, thus we are steadfast in our commitment where we create logo designs that are custom designed & of high quality for start-ups and small businesses. Our clients love the logos we design for them. Our experienced and professional logo designers are able to translate the information & ideas the client provides into great logo designs which leads to establishing strong brand identity that ultimately pulls in new customers & retains loyal clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to the leading logo design studio in Kenya that creates great company logos that help shape the future of your business brand for years to come. We strongly believe that great logos are timeless & age like fine wine. We design logos that will stay current for many years to come.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create high quality, best value company logo that will aid your company in establishing a successful brand; whether it’s a small, medium or large enterprise. We strive to design professional and memorable logos for your business.


Best value custom logo designs in Kenya


With its tradition of quality & exceptional customer service, LogoDesign is better placed to design your company business logo.

LogoDesign will continue to operate with high levels of integrity and will strive to achieve growth by being dedicated, sincere, creative, innovative, and adaptable.

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We are a the best logo designers in Kenya. We create exquisite logo designs that help companies like yours standout from the crowd.
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