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Kenya logo design process

I love butterfly watching, it’s one of my favourite hobby. Butterflies are beautiful little creatures that really capture my attention. For a butterfly to become a majestic flying creature it goes through a life cycle. The process of transforming from a tiny egg to a majestic flying butterfly is one of nature’s most fascinating mechanisms. It got me think; it’s like what we do at LogoDesign.africa, we transform a client’s ideas into a symbol that distinguish them from competition. Just like the transformation in butterfly our logo design process has different stages, & each stage is quite significant in creating an impactful logo that will stand the test of time. At LogoDesign.africa our logo designers are cognizant of the importance of a unique professional logo design because it’s the foundation of establishing a successful brand identity.

Basic Logo Design Principles:

We adhere to the following logo design principles in order to create world class effective company logos;

Let’s examine more closely at our logo design process.
With logo design, the design brief is a valuable piece of documentation which directs the designer towards the correct goal.

Design brief

A design brief is a questionnaire that we use to collect as much information as we can from the client in order to have an intimate understanding of his/her business including product, services, target market, & objectives. The response from the client informs our designers & acts as guide towards achieving the objectives of the logo design.


Given the industry or the sector your business operates in, this phase involves digging deeper to learn more about the industry itself, studying your business as well as competitors & examining target audience more closely. The information gathered in this phases allows us to create a superior logo design that lets your company standout from the crowd.

Sketching and conceptualizing

This stage involves unleashing the creative energy where ideas are first put on paper whether vague or not. Developing the concepts on paper allows us to pick the good sketches refine them & preset them to the client for review. This approach of sketching on paper first makes putting together the initial draft designs in digital format a walk in the park. Digital implementation is usually executed using Adobe Illustrator, a vector based drawing program.

Reflection & Critique

This is where we stop, critique & reflect on the logo designs we have created, so that we don’t miss an opportunity to improve the designs. It provides the opportunity to step back and evaluate the designs & the meaning they convey. Reflection helps develop a deeper understanding as well as provides a chance to view the creations from different perspective. It may lead to developing the ideas further and exploring new directions.


At this stage we put our best foot forward & do a good presentation of the best logo designs we have created. At LogoDesign Kenya we have a couple of ways to achieve this important agenda. We conduct our presentations in a way that the helps the client appreciate & clearly visualize the design work. At this point the client may request a revision or approve the logo design all together.

Delivery and support

Once our client is happy with the resulting logo design, it’s time to deliver the logo in all applicable formatting or sizes in anticipation of all possible needs the client might have whether on marketing materials and promotional products. A good effective logo should be versatile & must look great on all marketing materials large or small from large billboards to the size of a stamp

Logo Designs

We are a the best logo designers in Kenya. We create exquisite logo designs that help companies like yours standout from the crowd.
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